Consumers tend to pay more attention to the first search results, so it is essential to use SEO techniques so that your website appears prominently in these searches.

And those who think that these strategies are only for big brands are wrong. Whatever the size of your business or segment, it will need SEO to gain visibility and attract more and more buyers.

With all the current situation that the new Coronavirus has brought, many businesses face instability in the sales of products and services. Also, we don’t know how things will turn out in the coming months. 

We’ve already realized that standing still and waiting for everything to work out is not the best option, so one thing you can do today is investing in your business’s local SEO to ensure stability after all this situation.

When searching in search engines, most internet users hardly follow the search on the page after the first. In addition, we generally tend to pay more attention to the sites that appear in the top positions, clicking on these links and ending the searches right there.

Bringing it to the world of e-commerce, SEO, when properly applied, makes it possible for your virtual store’s website to appear right at the top of search lists. And the best part is that all this happens organically, without any investment of money to make your store more visible.

For this, we have separated some tips that will help you improve your website’s positioning.

1. Keyword Study: Apply SEO Tips According to Search Parameters

The site creation is one thing; the position is quite another. You must understand that the content is positioned according to search parameters which, in this case, are known as keywords.

Keywords are determined based on the business niche in which your company is included. Therefore, one of the most essential SEO tips for positioning a local page is to know your customers’ search habits and look for the perfect keywords. For this, you can use tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, and even the Google Search Console itself.

Let’s say you have a company that offers Web Design services in LA, and you discover that the keyword “ LAsite creation ” has a good frequency of monthly searches. This will help you work harder to position yourself for this keyword,

2. Create and maintain a blog following a medium and long term SEO plan

Without a doubt, this is the SEO advice most companies take into account: your business needs a blog.

A blog helps your business stay active in the eyes of your prospects and web search engines like Google, but it also has a resource with which you can inform and educate your customers.

But if you create a blog, you must keep it active. I’m not telling you that you should submit content every day, but I often do it. Otherwise, all your SEO potential will be lost, it won’t help your site’s positioning, and it will give your potential customer a terrible image.

When writing articles for your blog, naturally use keywords in the content you generate, but remember to write with your customers in mind and not the search engine. Find the perfect balance!

3. Optimizing your Google My Business account

This SEO advice will help you a lot in positioning your physical business especially if you’re working with SEO on Google Maps and Google My Business to get out of the first one.

When creating a Google+ MyBusiness account, your business will have more numbers to appear in the first results; the Google map appears. But for that, you must fill out the profile and provide a lot of content to the platform.

All the results in this section have stars that match the reviews or comments of those who visited this company.

For your Google+ MyBusiness account to help your web positioning, you need to encourage comments, but most of all, work to make them good.

Remember that getting good reviews escapes SEO and enters the areas of marketing and customer service; take care of all phases of your business!

4. Consider videos

An excellent way to be found is by recording videos explaining your business. That makes all the difference.

Let’s say you work as a dentist and want to attract clients in your region. Assuming you are in LA, making a video with the title and keywords such as Dentist in LA can make you find yourself quickly. If the video is relevant, captivate that potential customer to contact you.

Finally, it is precious to start using all the tools available to improve your local positioning and ensure that you do well even in the face of a crisis.