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Everything your small business needs to build a professional web presence and get found locally in one convenient package

You business needs more than a website

Many small business owners start by thinking a website is all they will need to succeed online – then they realize that the website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful digital marketing.  If they want to have a professional web presence they need powerful hosting, website maintenance, social media, SEO, unique content, and continuous improvement mindset to always be evolving as technology changes.

Our local marketing package includes everything that your business needs

Custom Website Deisgn

Your website is the foundation of your online presence – we work with you to create a professional web presence and then host your website on our powerful web servers to ensure optimal loading time.

SEO optimization

Internal and external – once your site is built we begin the process of making sure you will be found.  the old adage of if you build it they will come is not true when it comes to websites but don’t worry we know what it takes to ensure visibility.


Content creation

As part of our optimization process, our team creates content for both on-site and off-site usage. This content comes in the form of blogs, articles or blurbs designed to add relevance and provide unique content which in turn builds your sites authority and presence.

Tracking and Reporting

We examine all the relevant metrics and data to constantly refine our approach and ensure we are targeting the right audience at the right time. We can then adapt our strategy as needed.

Designed to meet the changing needs of your local business

Our local marketing service is designed so that you can do what you do best without needing to learn the intricacies of digital marketing.  Starting at $99 per month we start by working with you to develop your website as this will be the foundation of your online presence – but we don’t stop there, we keep the process going by doing ongoing optimizations, link building, content creation and more.  We ensure your business will get the online attention it needs to become an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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