Google confirms the rollout of a spam-related algorithm update on June 23, 2021. Google’s old algorithm was not as effective at catching spam, so Google is now using a more aggressive filter to identify and remove sites with “low-quality” content. This includes fake news, full of ads, and deceptive websites.

Most websites following the guidelines on Google’s webmaster tools won’t have anything to worry about as these updates only target spammers.

Google has a strict definition of spam and primarily includes sites that trick users into clicking on links or giving out private information.

Google’s spam algorithm targets phishing scams and other bad actors that try to rank well in search results by posing as relevant pages.

The result of this update is that even sites which adhere to Google’s standards can be vulnerable to spam. If an insecure website engages in spamming, it may not know it has happened. If the update hits your site, it will either be demoted in search results or removed from Google’s index.

The true impact of the June 2021 spam updates likely won’t be known until Google publishes its annual spam-fighting report next year.