In the past few years, mobile searches have been on the rise. Search engine crawlers can now detect which device is being used to search and show different rankings for different devices– desktop or mobile. But how do they compare? It’s a common question that many people ask themselves when trying to decide if it’s worth it to optimize their website for one over another. In this blog post, we will discuss why you should care about both and share our thoughts on what makes them so different from one another!

Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Contextually Personalized

* Search engine crawlers may show different rankings for desktop and mobile searches. This is because they can determine which device you are using to search.* Search engines have a tendency to rank websites that provide content best suited for the platform or devices used in the search – this means if your website has an optimized layout for mobile, it will likely be prioritized over sites that don’t.

Page Speed and Mobile Factors for Ranking Differences

Personalization plays a role in the occasional differences in search rankings between mobile and desktop searches.

If one is trying to diagnose why there are differences in ranking between devices, then maybe it may be worthwhile to examine the top-ranked sites’ mobile versions.