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Why Has My Organic Traffic Dropped?

Do you have a business in Apple Valley, MN, and are seeing your website’s organic traffic continuously drop? It’s important to understand what makes organic traffic drop off in the first place. There are many things that can affect a website such as search engine rankings, ad traction, algorithm changes, keyword relevancy, and much more. To get around a lack of backlinks or to increase traffic to a site, you need to make sure that you are getting the right kind of organic traffic. This is the kind of traffic that will convert and be very useful to your business. So why has my organic traffic dropped off lately? Here are some of the major reasons:

If you want to ensure your success online, you need to be doing things correctly from the start. Don’t try to guess which strategies work and which don’t and hope for the best. It’s much better to go into your online business implementing the best practices strategy. Make sure you have targeted your niche and you are using the right kinds of keywords and link-building methods for your niche. If you want to ensure your success, you have to learn how to generate organic traffic and make sure you are doing it the right way.

What Is A Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty is a specific action taken by Google to limit the view of your website within its index.  This is not something that occurs very often.  Many people will associate the loss of traffic with having received a penalty but usually, traffic decreases are associated with algorithm changes that are broad in nature and not something that is specifically targeting a specific website.

The most common penalties that people have received from Google include their listing being reduced and their rankings being pulled. However, the actual reasons behind these penalties vary greatly.

What is keyword Density?

Keyword density is just another way of saying the number of keywords in a given piece of text. The more frequently one keyword is present in a piece of text, the higher the density is.

To determine the ideal keyword density, you have to combine the primary keyword with one to three percent more variations than the primary keywords. For example, instead of just “weight loss” or “diet,” you could also include variations such as “life coaching,” “fitness training,” “fishing,” “weightlifting,” “clothing design,” etc. However, the number one rule is that you should never go over one percent. Ideally, you want to have about four to five percent more variations than the primary keyword.



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